About Master Chem

about-z-s    Master Chem is the sole agent of Zschimmer & Schwarz Mohsdorf GmbH & Co KG                                                                    – Germany , for textile auxiliaries in Egypt

about-dystar    Master Chem is the authorized local distributor of DyStar dyestuffs in Egypt.

about-durst     Master Chem is the sole agent of Durst Phototechnik AG – Italy for textile digital printing                                                              machines in Egypt.

We specialize in the field of the sales, marketing and technical services of textile auxiliaries and dyestuffs.

Our aim is to enhance top quality performance of the textiles, and garments. In addition to, present the constantly innovate developments for textiles industry.

Customers can be confident that textiles dyed or printed and finished correctly with those products do not put them at risk.  Certificate of the ecological standards can be presented to the customers according to their request.

We have accumulated experiences to provide the best, cost effective solutions for pretreatment, dyeing and finishing the fabrics.